Biochar the new frontier.

Welcome to Biochars a blog about Biochar.

Our goal is to bring you the latest information concerning biochar. Our format will be link based and we will try to direct you to more authoritative sources of information.

Biochar is a shortened name for Biological Charcoal, its uses are many and varied. The ancient civilisations knew about it. Our civilisation is rediscovering it. Biochar can help with pollution and toxins, Biochar can help with drought and nutrient supply. In fact there is so much research being done about Biochar that it might surpass the Oil and Coal industries as a premium environmentally friendly fuel for all of mankind.
So don’t be slow hop right in and learn all about Biochar.

Our first port of call is based in Australia and its called the
A website dedicated to one mans journey into discovering biochar informative and very readable.



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